ARES Net Script

Good Evening Everyone and Welcome to the Monday Night, Lubbock County, Lubbock Amateur Radio Club ARES Net.
This is (Your Call Sign) My Name Is: (Name)
I will be your net control station for this session of the Lubbock Amateur Radio Club ARES Net. This is a Directed Net, which means only transmit when directed by net control.
This Net meets every Monday evening at 2000 hours (8:00 p.m.) under the auspices of the Lubbock County ARES group.
The purpose of this net is to provide training and practice in emergency communications that could apply in an actual emergency and to test the communications capabilities of the Lubbock Co. ARES group.
All licensed Amateur Radio operators interested in Emergency Communications, are invited and encouraged to participate in this net.
This net makes use of the NetLogger logging program to transmit check-in information to other users of NetLogger.

Net participants that are monitoring the net with Netlogger receive updated information every twenty seconds, detailed check-in logs, and an AIM chat window.
The program is free and available for download at
We can walk you through it as you check in. It only takes a few seconds to have you up and running.
Please remember that this net is a directed net. Please follow the instructions of Net Control.
Please stay on frequency until released by net control.
Please give  your call sign phonetically, using standard ITU phonetics.
This is not a traffic net but it does stand ready to accept and pass emergency or priority traffic.
If anyone has an emergency during the net, please state the word “emergency” followed by your call sign and the frequency will be turned over to you for the duration of the emergency.
First, are there any stations with any Priority and/or Emergency Traffic for this Net, please call now?
(Handle the priority traffic immediately.)
Are there any stations with any Health and/or Welfare Traffic for this Net, please call now? (Handle the priority traffic immediately.)
This is: (Call Sign) – Lubbock County ARES Net Control.
At this time, we will now be taking check-ins for all Licensed Amateur operators. Please respond with your CALL SIGN and name and if you have any traffic for the net.
We will now continue taking any additional check-ins from any stations within Lubbock County.
At this time, we will now take any stations within the surrounding counties who wish to check-in this net. 
Are there any additional stations with traffic, announcements or business for the Lubbock County ARES Net, please call now.
This is: (CALL SIGN)- Lubbock County ARES Net Control.
We wish to say Thank You to all stations who participate in this Lubbock County ARES Net.
Your help in maintaining this net is greatly appreciated by one and all.
I’d like to thank everyone again for checking in, and also like to thank the Trustee of this repeater KF5QIR Jim Carlen for making his facilities available to this net.
Again, this net meets each Monday at 2000 hours (8:00 p.m.).
I would also like to mention that the Lubbock Amateur Radio Club meets every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. and our clubhouse is located one quarter mile west of Hwy 87 on 98th Street.
Those wishing to be excused may secure their stations at this time. All stations are invited to participate in the informal portion of the group after this net.
This is (CALL SIGN) we are now closing this formal portion of the Lubbock County ARES Net.
We will now return this repeater back to general amateur radio use.
73 and Good Night to everyone.