Greetings From Our New Chairman

Dear Hamily:

I am the new chairman of the LARC.  I have been in the hobby for 44 years and got my start at the age of 10.  At that time I was a member of the LARC and have seen many incarnations of it since.  I am seeing a great deal of positive energy during these times and I would like to build on this.  There is one thing that is missing from this new wave and it is YOU.  Our club is only as strong as its membership and we have a large one with great potential. So many of our members have a great deal of talent from community organizing to engineering there is something for everyone to contribute. Not only do we have a large, diverse membership but we have something that most clubs only dream of and that is a facility with space to explore our hobby and become a well known organization in our ARRL division.

With my leadership I would like to implement a growth mindset.  This means that we work together to make the club grow.  There have been many efforts that are spearheaded by members only to end up with one person doing all of the work and finally giving up leaving things half done and people reluctant to stay involved.  In order to overcome this challenge I want to make some changes.  These include a real budget, a new position of chaplin and formal committees with clearly defined functions and systems of accountability.  The saying “many hands make light work” applies.  As a condition of membership, I propose that each member commit to 6 hours of work per month on a committee.  That is 90 minutes a week and with a current count of 40 members, that’s 240 man hours a month that will create a clean clubhouse, clean grounds, a top notch functioning station and a sustainable budget.  In addition I would like to see more social events and fellowship that are priceless in building relationships, a positive culture and positive climate that will be welcoming to potential members and visitors.   None of this will be possible without you. I realize that time is a premium with work and families but this is no different than other organizations in our community and they are able to thrive.  If they can do this then so can we!  I also realize that these days COVID is a real challenge to working together but if we simply follow the basics we can maintain a safe environment and achieve something top notch that others in the ham community will see as a model. In the near future I will be calling on people to sign up for their committee and make their pledge of time.  Please join me in supporting OUR club and feel free to contact me anytime via email at or phone at 512-694-6964.  I want to hear from you with your input.

Best 73’s

Brent Scott, WR5O

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