Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) Program

The State of Texas is susceptible to the effects of both natural and man-made disasters. At times, state and/or local government resources are inadequate to effectively respond to such incidents. This can be especially true in the area of communications when normal day-to-day systems are used in support of widespread emergencies or disasters. Because of system outages or overcrowding by emergency traffic, normal communications systems may become unusable or inadequate to meet emergency or disaster response needs.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has authorized emergency management organizations to officially organize and employ radio amateurs to supplement state and local government communications systems during emergencies or disaster operations. The FCC advocates the principle that a fundamental basis and purpose of the Amateur Radio Service is to provide voluntary noncommercial emergency communications to the public. Amateur radio operators are often needed to assist in communications during an emergency.

Lubbock County RACES

This RACES program provides a communications reserve to this Government with a variety of professional unpaid (volunteer) skills, including administrative, technical and operational, for emergency tactical, administrative, and logistical communications; such as with its agencies, cities within the County, Neighboring governments, and the State.

The resources of this service are an essential resource intended to augment agency and Public Safety communications. Participants may be used at any time, from one to any number as may be appropriate. No declaration of an emergency is required for utilization. However, the use of the FCC Amateur Radio service frequencies are limited to training and emergency communications.

The Lubbock County RACES group meets on the 1st Tuesday every month, 7:00 pm at 7414 83rd Street.  Also, you can join us on the Lubbock County ARES Net every Monday night at 8:00pm.  The net is held on the KF5QIR 2M repeater. It has a frequency of 147.260 MHz, + offset, and a tone of 118.8 Hz.

Brandon Kimbrell

Lubbock COUNTY


Phone: 1-806-317-2620

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