Good day Hamily,

Please visit us tonight for a presentation on a balanced tuner design called an S match.  Dr. Steve Jones, KF5YSH, will be discussing and building the tuner.  It is also our business meeting so we will go through our agenda quickly to get to the presentation. Which reminds me that it is time to start getting our 2021 dues collected.  Our dues are our sole source of funding at the moment (this is going to change) and our treasure reports that in order to maintain bare minimum expenses we need 70 paid memberships.  This is rent, insurance and utilities.   

My last letter to you mentioned the commitment of time. This Saturday 12 December will be an opportunity for this; we will have work day at the club house.  Bring your cleaning supplies and cleaning mindset.  We need to clear out junk and load it on a trailer, we need to clean the cabinets in the kitchen area, we need to clean the bathroom, we need to clean the porch, vacuum sweep and mop. If we have good turn out this all can be accomplished in a couple of hours.  I will provide food for the work party so please email me at and let me know if you are going to show so I can plan for food. I am thinking 9:00 am then we can serve some lunch.  

Of course you are encouraged to practice COVID safety by wearing your mask or maintaining some space and washing your hands but we need your help in person.  




Brent Scott


Chairman, LARC

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