All Set For The Cowboy Symposium

As of Wednesday afternoon Garry Harrold’s RV is parked and in place for the Cowboy Symposium Special Event Station this weekend.  There is a parking lot to the North of the Mahon library and East of the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center.  In the South East corner of that lot you will find Lubbock Amateur Radio Club operating several high frequency radio stations during the festivities.

The Cowboy Symposium is a huge celebration of western heritage and cowboy culture. There will be music, poetry, story telling, reenactments, and of course….  Food! As LARC shares western heritage around the world with radio, they will also be sharing amateur radio with those in attendance.  If, you are planning to attend the event, drop by and say hello. This will be a great opportunity for anyone interested in amateur radio to see a station in action and maybe even get on the air!

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