Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers To Common Questions About LARC And Amateur Radio

Do I have to have a license to be a member of LARC?

In a word, no!  If you have an interest in Amateur Radio, you can become an affiliate member of LARC.  You can attend all the meetings, participate in all the activities except voting in elections and holding office in the club.  We encourage anyone who is studying to take the license exam to become an affiliate member and begin participating.  Being around other licensed operators, watching, and actually operating radios under the watchful eye of an experienced operator are great ways to learn.

Do I have to learn morse code to get a license?

No! Several years ago, the FCC removed the Morse code test and requirement from the licensing process.  In fact, they simplified the whole testing and licensing process to make it easier for new amateurs to get a license and get involved in the hobby.  LARC can help you with the training and provides license testing once a month at the clubhouse.  Practice tests are available as are free training materials.

What are your meeting dates and times?

We meet each Tuesday at the Noble Stidham Memorial Clubhouse at 1108 98th Street.  The start time for meetings and events is usually 7 pm, However, come early.  There are usually members there an hour before the scheduled meeting time hanging out, operating one of the club radios or just rag chewing.