Thanks to all who came out and played around with us on Winter Field Day!  We had an awesome time.  Three Icom IC-7300s were set up for the event on 20, 40, and 80m.  The decision was made that we run under the home classification and enjoy the comforts of being indoors rather than rough it and loose participants due to the weather.

Our morning started off with a 10 A.M. ARES class put on by Gary Armstrong KC5NOX, Dale Durham W5WI, and David Overton KF5WDJ.  They went over the ARES Task Books and the ARES Connect system.

At 11:30 we switched gears and started setting up for WFD. By 1 P.M. Everett KE5QVC was making contacts on 20m.  Throughout the day we had people  come and go but we had at least one radio going all day.

By late afternoon Gordon KI5GOI had whipped up some tortilla soup (the real reason Hams congregate) for the group.  20m gave way to 40m and the night owls took over.

On a funny note…  we had been playing with the recording features of the 7300 and decided that Wendy (pictured above)  W5WKW needed to record a CQ message on the 40m radio so we could use it after she left for the night. 

Curious to see if a female voice would out perform a male voice, we started working her CQ call.  Not only did it seem to out perform our calls but it left the operators on the other end stunned when they would answer her call and we would do the exchange.  They would ask us,  “Repeat your call sign?” Then, you could hear the disappointment in their voice when we would reply, “Kilo Five Lima India Bravo, we are 4 Hotel, Whiskey Tango X-ray,  QSL?”  lol  Sorry boys….   but that was funny…  and we made 30+ contacts during that hour all while never having to throw out a CQ call. 

As a club we made a total of 105 contacts.  4 CW contacts and 101 on Phone.  Not hot numbers there but… it was a learning experience and we had a blast!  Already looking forward to the next one.


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Thanks to all who came out and played around with us on Winter Field Day!  We had an awesome time.  Three Icom IC-7300s were set

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