The club will be operating as K5LIB using the exchange 4HWTX, up to four stations capable of simultaneous transmission operating from a facility routinely used for Amateur Radio communications in West Texas.

The sign-up sheet asks what band, station and antenna you want to reserve. Band pass filters will be required for the band you are operating in order to ensure no damage is done by potentially high-power levels generated by one station by prevent it from entering another. The filters also help minimize desensitization of a receiver by operations on a different band.

Remember that the KT-34 is only operable on 20, 15 and 10 M.

Please sign up for only one time slot at a time and allow two time slots idle before signing up for another.

Some courtesy practices are suggested. If either station is idle at the end of your time slot you can continue to operate the idle station. In this case if you are asked by someone coming in wanting to operate please surrender the station. In any case if you have been operating a station for an hour or more and someone new comes in, please be courteous and offer to surrender the station. The idea behind these suggestions is to help ensure that as many operators as possible have opportunity to take part in the exercise.

If you would like to operate your own equipment rather than the club radios using club antennas simply connect to the antenna you reserved. Obviously this will idle one of the club radios. A wild card will be if you want to operate your own equipment with an antenna you erect for the event you can do so with two caveats. First, any antenna you operate on must be deemed distant enough or with reverse polarity that it will not cause damage to a scheduled station. A consensus of those present should be sufficient for approval. Second, if your operation
compromises the operation of a scheduled station you should shut down.

WFD Sign Up Form

If you would like to operate a station at the club during Winter Field Day please fill out this form so that we can plan accordingly. 

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