Field Day... Check!

Amateur radio can be complicated to say the least.  Many Hams love the challenges and complexity of the hobby.  Experimentation and tinkering play a big role for most radio operators. So, it stands to reason, Field Day is no exception.  An event full of experiments for better or worse. 

While this makes our hobby innovative and exciting.  It can also add to the frustration and disappointment.  For me, Field Day is about implementing the tried and true.  A test of ones ability to deploy the tools and skills you have in the bag.

By all means, step out of your comfort zone.  But, remember to keep it simple and have fun! Field Day is ultimately about getting on the air, making contacts and enjoying the hobby with friends or family.

A simple CQ call on 446.000MHz with a cheapo Baofeng or a 9v QRP CW transceiver will do the trick.  You don’t have to have an elaborate station to enjoy field day and you might be suprised  how much fun simple can be.

Enjoy! Send me your pictures and videos!  Show us how you Field Day!



Brandon Kimbrell K5BEK
LARC Secretary

What is Field Day?

It’s a Contest

Some hams compete against others to see who can contact more people on the air, or even competing  with themselves to see if they can do better than they did last year. The temporary, outdoor, battery-and- generator-powered setups that are a hallmark of Field Day present an extra challenge for hams who may  be used to getting on the air from their home stations.

It’s Emergency Training
Some ham groups use ARRL Field Day to practice their emergency response capabilities. Ham radio has  been called into action again and again to provide communications support in crises when it really matters.  Hams also use these skills to help with events such as marathons, parades, fairs, and other planned, non- emergency activities.

It’s Fun

ARRL Field Day brings radio amateurs together for a weekend of teamwork, friendly competition, skill  building, and time spent with old and new friends — both in person and on the air. Many ham radio groups  organize picnics, cookouts, campouts, games, and other activities to make their Field Day operations even  more fun.

What is the ARRL?

ARRL is the national membership association for amateur radio in the US. We provide opportunities to discover radio, develop skills and service your local community. Our mission is to advance the art, science  and enjoyment of amateur radio.

What is Amateur Radio?

Often called “ham radio,” the Amateur Radio Service has been around for a century. The worldwide  community of licensed “ham” operators use the airwaves with every conceivable means of communications  technology, from Morse code, to microphones, to bouncing signals off the moon. Ham radio operators can  be any age, come from any background and all enjoy learning and being able to transmit voice, data, and  pictures through the air to places near and far, without depending on commercial systems.

The amateur radio frequencies are the last remaining place in the usable radio spectrum where individuals  can experiment with wireless communications.

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